Data Security & Technical Info


API & Database Integration

Xcursion integrates with a number of major SIF compliant school database systems, including Sentral, Synergetic & SEQTA, ensuring a single source of truth for critical student medical information and emergency contact details.

Secure PDF Incident reports can be uploaded back to student profiles to ensure continuity of reporting. Talk to one of our staff details on school database integrations, helping you leverage the data you already have into a dynamic and far more useful format.


Data Security & Residency

Xcursion uses SQLCipher 256bit AES encryption and the most secure high-end Azure enterprise cloud servers available.

Each international deployment is done on local jurisdictional specific servers to ensure data sovereignty for each country. For example in Australia, the servers are in Australia. For the UK, the servers are in the UK. For the US, the servers are in the US.

You can be confident that all your critical information and reporting data is protected and constantly backed up.


Incident Management

Xcursion provides reliable, structured industry-leading processes in the event of a critical incident. Our frameworks help coaches, carers and teachers to develop and deliver fast and effective response plans to protect those under their care.

It seamlessly records and documents details and actions throughout the management and resolution of an incident and swiftly provides this back to senior management at school, the sports organisation or other company.