Xcursion FAQ


How secure is my confidential data?

Given the nature of the information, data security is a top priority for Xcursion. We use the highest level of encryption available and encrypt the entire app database with incredibly strong 256bit SQL Cipher encryption. You can double this security by making sure your staff are using the passcode access to their smart phone. Fun fact, it would take 9.63 years for the fastest super computer on earth, solely focused on the tasks of breaking the encryption to get in. For a standard computer, the time it would take to breach the cipher, would be close to 1 billion years!

Where’s the data stored & how do you back it up?

We take security of your data extremely seriously. When it’s not in use on the user’s phone, all Australian and New Zealand customer data is stored on high security Australian based Microsoft Azure enterprise servers. For versions of the software and clients outside of Australia and New Zealand, data is hosted in the country of origin. For example, our UK servers are Azure servers based in the UK. For the US clients, our servers are based in the US.

How long do you keep data for?

In line with legal requirements, we keep Xcursion data for 7+ years. As student information must be kept until they reach the age of 25, part of our ongoing commitment to you is the secure storage of any incident reports, first aid treatments or other notes related to each student, so you can be assured it's right there and available, if it's ever needed.

Who owns the data on the Xcursion platform?

That’s simple. You do! It’s the school’s/organisation’s data. They are your reports. We simply provide an intelligent and dynamic way of leveraging the information to help protect staff and students. We keep your secure-encrypted data in accordance with national and international data and privacy standards. However, we do not own, nor claim to own any part of the client data, student profile or incident report itself.

What Medical Standards are used on Xcursion?

The 4 medical standards in Xcursion are from ASCIA, Asthma Foundation, Diabetes Australia and The Concussion In Sports Group (CAT5 – Berlin Consensus). Each organisation does a national or international release if any of their processes or standards change and we simply update according to their change of standards.

Why no Epilepsy Action Plans?

Epilepsy is a difficult one. A framework will be built in at some stage, but the problem is that there are over 40 different types of seizures and treatments. We are still working on a solution for this. You can still put an individual medical alert in and it'll be noted on the alerts list with asthma etc, but due to the complexity, there's no simple solution for an action plan as with each other condition. So yes, they're noted, but the treatment has to come from the individual notes the parent provides and the teacher can see this when they click on the profile.

How does the data get on to the Xcursion App?

We are currently integrated with Engage, SEQTA, Synergetic, Sentral, Dept of Education & Catholic Education Office systems which are SIF compliant. Data is drawn down from student profiles and student well-being areas of your database to provide the data on the system.

We also use an industry leading administration database, into which you can create or upload student profiles. With a handy CSV file you can import students from your existing school administration database (for example SAS, Denbeigh, Edumate, TASS). If your school doesn’t use a database for student medical information, you can easily create individual student profiles and maintain them here.

What happens if I'm in an area with no phone service?

After you have initially loaded the excursion data onto your phone, it is stored locally for the duration of the excursion. Therefore, all profiles and information are still available when you need it, even if you have no coverage. You will still receive all medication alerts, view profiles and write first aid reports. Once you get back into range, it will then sync to the cloud server and push any reports to those responsible.

What if I take students overseas?

Xcursion is perfect for overseas travel. In addition to the standard profiles, you can add in passport and travel details. Again, in an overseas situation, Xcursion will work independently of reception and networks.

Who gets notified of incidents and reports?

This is up to each school or organisation to set access controls for who receives incident report notifications. There are three levels of incident report notifications: 

1.     First Aid & Concussions

2.     Medical Alerts (Severe asthma attacks, anaphylactic reactions, or diabetic emergencies)

3.     Critical incidents

These three levels of incident notifications allow for the more critical and sensitive reports to be accessed by those who need to be kept in the loop and ensure senior staff are not flooded with reports of headaches and minor injuries. Access to reports is also controlled in this way, so that critical incident information is only shared with a select few and those who reported the incident.

What training do you offer?

We offer a number of different training options for Xcursion. For each new school, we’ll run an optional training day which looks at how to use the software, as well as why you need to use the software and how it protects staff and students on excursions, sports and activities.

We also offer Risk Management training at two levels. The first is our Essentials Risk Management Course for teachers. How to manage and why we manage risk. We work through developing risk management plans and assessments, as well as running some scenario-based exercises.

The other is our Senior Risk Management Course for experienced teachers or those who want to take their training to the next level. We explore critical incidents, coronial inquests, preventative measures, organisational risk management and culture, as well as media training and some great scenarios to challenge participants.

Will you run excursions for us?

In a word no! We do love experiential education, but one of the most important things schools can do, is have their teachers out on programs and actively building those positive relationships with students in a different environment and context. Often students who struggle in a classroom, will shine when given an experiential challenge. Having said that, we are happy to provide consultancy services for your outdoor education program to help you get the best educational and program fit for your school.

What if we want a new feature?

We’re constantly looking for new ways to provide the best medical and activity management tool set possible for teachers and schools, so if you have an idea for something which you need and could help other schools, just email us at capabilities@xcursion.com.au and we can have a chat around how this could work and improve the platform.

What happens with new features?

As we run our core system as a cloud-based platform, when we update the system with new features, everyone automatically gets access to those features.

For the app, you just have to download the update and the next time you open it, your new features will be there!