How Xcursion Helps You Manage Excursions, Camps & Sport


Plan & Prepare - Medical, Allergy & Dietary Needs

Xcursion helps teachers and coaches plan and prepare for medical, dietary and logistical concerns whenever they’re responsible for students and players. It enables teachers and coaches to proactively manage a range of medical, dietary and pastoral concerns, to ensure staff and students are supported and any individual requirements can be managed swiftly and consistently.

Respond & Mitigate - Dynamic Emergency Action Plans

Everything you need to know about responding to emergency situations at your fingertips. Xcursion provides teachers and coaches with guided responsive action plans that steps them through industry leading management practices for Asthma, Allergies, Anaphylaxis, Diabetes and Concussions. The app records all important data along the way such as time, GPS location and communications.

Report & Review - Fast, Detailed Incident Reporting

Xcursion provides a secure, legally robust audit trail of information on all medical and emergency incidents which may occur on an excursion. It delivers real time reports on incidents that have happened in the field, keeping senior management back at school or within the sports organisation in the loop with accurate and precise details about an incident to help you respond in the fastest and most effective way.


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