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What is Xcursion?

Every year around 20,000 injuries occur on school activities and 40,000 during sports that require hospitalisation. For legal reasons, each incident must be accurately recorded and reported, but this is often done after the fact and only when questions are being asked, leaving teachers, coaches schools and sports clubs exposed to liability.

With dynamic medical & emergency data always at hand, Xcursion provides fast, secure & reliable risk management and mitigation support no matter what the activity.

 Founder - David Gregory

Founder - David Gregory

 Always challenge yourself and those around you!

Always challenge yourself and those around you!


Founder David Gregory is an outdoor education teacher with over 17 years experience in running a range of experiential education programs.

With qualifications and extensive experience in Wilderness First Aid, risk management and crisis response, David's worked throughout Australia and Internationally in a variety of environments, managing risk and incident response.

From being a first responder, to safety officer as well as director of operations, David’s first hand experience in field operations, incident prevention/management and crisis response culminated in the development of a robust management and reporting system called Xcursion to help protect staff and participants, as well as manage and mitigate medical risks.

"I designed Xcursion to solve my own problem. I needed fast, secure access to critical student information when I was in the field. Trawling through bunches of paper to find vital pieces of information I needed to put my hands on immediately, was time consuming and only added to the risk of harm when working with students."

"As risk management has been a huge part of my work over the years, this was a simple extension of that work, finding a better way to manage medical risks. Any way we can make educational experiences easier and safer to run the better and I continue to work at the forefront of the industry to ensure we continue to deliver the best tools possible for the task."

David writes a weekly blog covering experiential educational issues as well as specific risk management topics.


Plan & Prepare

Xcursion is an emergency and incident management system that helps teachers and coaches plan and prepare for medical, dietary and logistical concerns whenever they’re responsible for students and players. It enables teachers and coaches to proactively manage a range of healthcare and pastoral concerns, before they become issues.  

Respond & Mitigate

Everything you need to know about responding to emergency situations at your fingertips. Xcursion provides teachers and coaches with guided responsive action plans that take them through effective industry leading management practices and records all important data along the way such as time, GPS location and communications.

Report & Review

Xcursion provides a secure, legally robust audit trail of information on all medical and emergency incidents which may occur on an excursion. It delivers real time reports on incidents that have happened in the field, keeping senior management back at school or within the sports organisation in the loop with accurate and precise details about an incident to help you respond in the fastest and most effective way.

Smart Features


Track & Trace

Keep track of all actions and important information in the event of an emergency with end to end reporting features. With built in alerts, reminders, and incident response frameworks you can be assured that your duty of care is being delivered in the most professional and proactive manner possible.


Data Security

Authorised carers have instant access to critical information on their mobile devices, so that everything they need is available to them when and where they need it. Xcursion uses SQLCipher 256bit AES encryption and the most secure high-end Australian-based AWS enterprise cloud servers available. You can be confident that all your critical information and reporting data is protected and constantly backed up.


Incident Management

Xcursion provides reliable, structured industry-leading processes in the event of a critical incident. Our frameworks help coaches, carers and teachers to develop and deliver fast and effective response plans to protect those under their care. It seamlessly records and documents details and actions throughout the management and resolution of an incident and swiftly provides this back to senior management at school, the sports organisation or other company.

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Improve Your Standard of Risk Management & Care Today!

Built from years of experience in education, risk management & incident management, Xcursion is the fastest and most effective way to organise trips away and access critical information, when you need it most, helping teachers provide the best care possible no matter what the situation.





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Risk Management Training


Confused & don't know where to start or what's expected of you in terms of risk assessments & risk management?

  Emergency Situation... or just discomfort... Feel confident in your analysis today!

Emergency Situation... or just discomfort... Feel confident in your analysis today!

We understand the many complex challenges faced by your educational risk management team. We offer an industry leading two-day structured course focussing on customised risk management strategies to support your specific program needs.

Whether you outsource parts of your experiential education programs, or run complete in-house operations, this critical two-day solutions-based risk management assessment training will help equip you and your staff to confidently implement industry leading risk management standards for your organisation.

For more information download our brochure or email us at


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