Key Features


First Aid Reports.png

First Aid Reporting

Detailed first aid incident reporting, which steps teachers through the reporting process to ensure students are supported and important details are recorded at the time they happen, not days later. The reporting process leverages key medical information to ensure throughout the treatment process any first aid or medications given are in accordance with the information provided by parents.


Medication Management

Accurately manage and track all the medications that students need to take when away from home. With timely reminders of when medications are due and timestamped recording of the administration of any medications this will help protect students and staff in what can be an overwhelming task for teachers when away on an excursion. This takes the guesswork out of medication administration and provides an end of program report on all medications given.

Emergency Action Plans.png

Emergency Action Plans

Dynamic emergency action plans are directly linked to individual student profiles who suffer from Asthma, Diabetes or have a potentially Anaphylactic allergy. Action plans are based upon the peak medical body emergency action plans for fast and effective management if an attack, reaction or episode occurs.

Concussion Test.png

Concussion Testing

Industry leading concussion testing [Berlin Consensus on Concussions] for assessing head injuries and suspected concussions. Automatically records signs & symptoms observed by the first responder for later review by medical professionals. Not only a reporting tool, but also helps schools and clubs better manage students who have suffered suspected concussions.

Critical Incident Management.png

Critical Incident Management

You hope this will never happen, but it does and when it does happen, we know from first-hand experience it happens quickly! The main aim in any critical incident is to get help, protect your students and contain the situation as soon as possible. Delays, second guessing and not knowing what to do in this sort of situation can materially impact on the safe resolution of the incident.

Xcursion Critical Incident Management steps teachers through the key tasks that need to be done immediately when an incident occurs to help them contain, respond and mitigate further injuries, impact, damage or fallout from the incident. Nobody carries the school Critical Incident Management handbook, but they can always have the fastest guided response at their fingertips if and when something happens.

Permission Notes.png

Permission Notes

Hate the time, expense and effort chasing parents for permission notes? Thought so! Xcursion provides the ability to send out permission notes for each excursion, camp or sports event you need to seek permission from parents and carer for. All information is fed directly back into the Xcursion system so teachers and coaches have the most up to date information possible.